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Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - April 2008


Well, yes we have had a lot of rain and even more rain; it is lovely now but they say the rain will return. I am actually praying they have got it wrong, first because rain always seems to make more work, the word DAMP arrears its ugly head and more importantly I’ve got my mum for a couple of weeks starting from tomorrow.

Alcaidesa at the moments seems rather quiet and not much happening but I think soon people will be coming for the summer months. I still cannot understand why more people are not coming to purchase in Alcaidesa, good prices at the moment, not dropping in Alcaidesa like people think but still some bargains to be had. I know it is a waiting game at this time, but for the future, I still believe Alcaidesa will be a good place to live,we have fantastic views from most places and you can walk to the beach and what a great beach we have.


San Roque Visitors

What have I been reading this month, well to co-inside with what I said above, San Roque has reported an increase in the number of visitors to the town over the Easter period. They even reported that they believed the rain made no difference but I must admit it is far better in Spain when the sunshine’s.


La Linea’s Municipal Gardens


Something I found out from the papers was that La Linea’s municipal gardens was owned by the Saccone family and laid out in the Italian style way back in 1922. Unfortunately, over the past few years the area has been allowed to deteriorate but it has now been refurbished by the Town Hall. They have tried to keep the Italian style whilst spending 130,000 euros that includes an artificial lake.


Saudi Royal Household’s Residential Complex

The Saudi Royal Household has presented to Estepona Municipal Council a project to build a big residential complex on a plot it owns of 600,000 square metres.
Estepona Council has stated that the proposal is very positive, one of the advantages is that thirty percent of the homes to be built will be state-subsidised, so many local residents will benefit from the investment.


Bilingual Programmes in La Linea Schools

Two schools in La Linea will start the next term with bilingual programmes. There has been a campaign for bilingual teaching in the town spurred in part by the nearness of Gibraltar.


Southern Spain’s Premier Lifestyle Shopping Destination


In one of the biggest deals in Sotogrande history, a group of Irish investors, led by Mr. Gavin Gallagher, has purchased 35 of the business premises in Ribera del Marlin for 37 million Euros, and is creating a complete shopping marina at the entrance to the present port, called Blue Sotogrande, which will create 300 jobs.

This will open in April 2009 for Easter and there will be street parties and fiestas prior to the Easter holidays, for everyone in the area to enjoy, and culminating in a Grand Opening on the evening of April 9th.

The whole area will be an exclusive, pedestrianised marina with individual fashion boutiques rather than high street shops, a selection of different restaurants and cafes, a night spot cocktail bar, men’s and women’s fashion designer boutiques, shoes, handbags, accessories, children’s clothing and perfumes, a beauty salon, a bank, an upmarket delicatessen and other necessary services for the area.

All shops will have superb waterfront terraces with restaurants in the area with evening sun – perfect for alfresco dining. Not just a strikingly fashionable area, Blue Sotogrande will host and organize many different events throughout the years, such as jazz and blues festivals, fashion shows, exhibitions, charity galas and sporting events, making it a key venue for local entertainment.

Gavin is intent on bringing a heart to Sotogrande, and offering all visitors to the Marina, a pleasant and unique experience, not just a day at the shops. There will be a Blue boat vaporetto service to take people to and from Blue, a Blue car service, VIP shopping for people who want help in choosing their wardrobe, valet parking in the underground car park which has 315 spaces and even a pick-up service for people who would like to come here but who do not drive. Gavin, who owns an apartment in the port himself, and has just purchased a villa nearby, is also very conscious that there is little to do for families and children, and will be introducing different events with them in mind, as well as certain shops aimed at younger people.

All in all, these are exciting times for Sotogrande, and with exactly 12 months´ to go before the Grand Opening, the countdown has begun.


La Linea Fire Brigade

What light hearted things have touched my sense of humour this month –

I know if you do not pay your outstanding bills, you can have problems but the La Linea Fire Brigade is threatened with expulsion from the Cadiz Firefighting consortium for failure to pay its monthly fees.


A good story – A Los Barrios man accused of imprisoning his wife in the couple’s home has been absolved by a Cadiz court. The prosecutor was seeking a six year prison sentence but in court the man said the case was a mistake as he had in fact given his wife a key and she had lost it. The wife backed his story, don’t even think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next Month


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